Rejuvenate Your Parking Lot with Asphalt Patchwork & Repair

Potholes and cracks in a parking lot are a nuisance, but they’re hard to avoid…particularly in our cold environment! Water that slips through the cracks and gets trapped in your asphalt will freeze and thaw repeatedly until the asphalt eventually gives way. Over the years, this effect can be hard to avoid – but it doesn’t require completely resurfacing the asphalt.

Asphalt patching is an affordable and durable alternative, and our team at Iconic Paving is well equipped to perform reliable repairs.

We perform a full inspection and cleaning of damaged asphalt, tearing away broken and worn materials until we’re left with a space that’s ready to be repaired. Our team properly compacts existing materials and uses high-quality asphalt to perform a full repair. And, once that repair is fully compressed with new and old asphalt tightly pressed together, we’ll apply a primer that binds the edges perfectly.

Using our rollers, we’ll create additional compacted layers until the asphalt is fully repaired and ready to go.

In Short, We Know What We’re Doing!

If your parking lot is in dire need of asphalt repairs, trust the experts. Call Iconic Paving for a free assessment today on 416-901-2255, or submit the form on this page.

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They did a great job, fast, professional and my driveway looks beautiful. Joe has a great crew and it was a pleasure to deal with him.


It was a pleasure dealing with Roy. Made us feel very comfortable through the whole process. Very fair priced and the work was completed on time with no issues. Would highly recommend Roy and his crew.


My family and I were very impressed with the work Roy did and I have also received many compliments from family members and neighbours. Roy and the Team were very organized. They were punctual and meticulous. The clean up was nicely done and it was well worth the money spent on repaving the driveway and the concrete work. Thanks